Track Your Parcel

We don't just monkey around!

Monkey Express is built on 4 core values essential to our business.

Your trusted partner

We do what other's don't

We are all about building relationships, delivering promises and peace of mind to you and your customers.

We understand every business is unique. By making an effort to truly understand yours, we are able to provide a solution tailor-made specially for you.

Speed & Service

We care for the finest details

We take precautions in ensuring all merchandise are not damaged during the journey, are treated with the utmost importance and handled with absolute care.

Coupled with our fleet of Monkey Mobiles, your deliveries will never be late again!

Design Thinking

We do things differently

We consistently refine our processes, formulate new ideas and different approaches. Seeking to create advances in innovation and efficiency to have the most competitive edge in the industry.


We integrate technology for efficiency

With our technology, your logistics needs now becomes hassle-free!

Integration capabilities, real-time tracking, seamless workflow, automation. You name it, we have it!

Superlative Operations